So who am I and why do I insist on adding yet another weak signal to the sea of noise that is the interweb?

The Internet is full of perversion. Hell, the damned thing is just for porn after all. While there are hundreds of blogs devoted to the propagation of BDSM-esque porn, some on techniques and lifestyles, but none that actually follows a pervert’s evolution (explicitly). That is my goal here: to document my journey and possibly help others on their own travels.

But who am I? I have always been a first class pervert, but opportunities to pursue that perversion were infrequent as I grew older. At one point in time, I had to choose between my somatic and my intellectual passions. But now that I am a professionally employed mad-scientist, I have both spare time and money to pursue my kink. More importantly, I have found my perverted muse; a GGG girl who is as much of a rope slut as I.

So that’s that.
Won’t you join me on my trip down the darker, less traveled road?

  • 04.26.11
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