@nquisitiveonessa "I dont want to ask anything, but I would like to give you my appreciation for your blog. I have recently been introduced to Shibari and I am addicted. I love that you put instructions with pictures to show us how to do it. I am truly glad that I found your blog, Sir. I can't wait to see what I learn from you. Thank you very much"

    Thank you for your appreciation! Looking at your blog, it’s clear you’re getting yourself settled into a community. Consider events like Shibaricon. It will blow your mind.

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    @kenshinta "hello I like your blog. I was at the hardware store but didn't know which diameter or length or material or if I should get the diamond braid or double twist? where do I begin. pleas e help thank you"

    Asking a rigger their opinions about rope! Now there is a time suck. Since you’re starting out, aim for 3/16” (~5mm) - 1/4” (~6mm). You’ll want 5-6 lengths that are 5-6x your arm span. Most people use 26-30ft segments. Go with the double-twist. Diamond braid (usually MFP rope), is very ‘fast’, that is, it causes friction burns really easily. (Natural fiber ropes are very ‘slow’).

    Here’s some other thoughts on my early preferences (now I mostly use 4-5mm jute), and issues with hardware store rope

    Good luck. And use common sense when you tie!

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    It’ll never not be weird knowing the people that are in some of the porn that I watch.

    Still, nice job :)

    You and I both. Of course, now after I meet someone new, I make sure to do a search for porn they may have been in. :)

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    Small things...: Rope Bottoming Skills: Introduction


    [Triggers warning: Feelings of inadequacy, not being good enough]

    For the longest time I used get down on myself because I wasn’t flexible to make my elbows touch and since they couldn’t do that, I couldn’t possibly be a good rope bottom. I know dozens of rope bottoms who can’t do suspensions or…

    For all the bottoms. This series will be reblogged.

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    Off to FetFest. Strangely, not as excited as previously. The lighter-than-average educational offerings may have something to do with it.

    You’ll probably find the brat and I in the rope barn.

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    Violating my submissive on her wedding night was one of the hottest nights we’ve ever had. I also started her ass stretching training.  With the Fort Troff double tunnels


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    David Lawrence Hip Harness (2/2)


    In part one, we covered how to build one half of the hip harness. It was left as homework to mirror the tie on the other hip. You now have your rope bottom in the full David Lawrence hip harness, with both hips tied. Let’s get them in the air!


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    David Lawrence Hip Harness (1/2)


    Some months ago, DCRope brought David Lawrence in as part of his book tour for reBound (great images, go and buy a copy!). He presented at our monthly get together where he showed off some of his newest ties. Of particular interest was his hip harness. Intended as a response to FetishMonkey’s extremely popular gunslinger harness, David’s is similarly versatile in how it can be rigged, but has the added benefit of being really quick to tie and generally requiring less rope.


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